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Book Art Collection
  My Folds Display
Book Art Collection  
"My Folds"
When an artist creates a work and incorporates any aspect of a traditional book form, however subtle or obscure, it qualifies as an artist’s book. Creativity and craftsmanship combine to produce books designed to provoke thought, discussion and emotional responses in viewers. Artists’ Books from the library’s collection will be exhibited through April.
  Sohum Bhargava’s colorful origami creations are featured in a display called “My Folds” that brings awareness to kidney disease. This display includes a description of how the intricate folds of origami relate to the folds that can be found in developing kidneys, and how knowledge of this process could be used to develop future research and technology to combat kidney disease. The display will be in the Local History room through April.
Children's Library  
Women's Day Display  
Figurines of Reading Children
The delightful figurines are from the collection of Benny Wasserman and are featured in celebration of National Library Week 2023, which takes place April 23-29. Figurines will be on display through April 30 in the Children's Library.
See samples on display.


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