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Journery Through Time

Study Rooms and Occupancies:
Jules Verne (8), Isaac Asimov (4), Nikola Tesla (3), H.G. Wells (4), Aldous Huxley (4)

Cerritos Library Study Room Guidelines
  • The Library has five study rooms that can be reserved by small groups of students, junior high and above. These rooms are to be used for studying and not socializing.
  • The rooms can be reserved in person at the Reservation Desk up to one week in advance for up to two hours with a valid Cerritos Library Card.
  • Patrons may have only one reservation scheduled at any given time. Patrons must wait until their current reservation is complete before making another booking.
  • The patron who has reserved the study room must check in at the Reservation Desk and present their Library card at the time of their reservation.
  • The Reservation Desk Staff will then call a Monitor to unlock the study room reserved.
  • The patron who has reserved the study room needs to be present in the room for the duration of their reservation.
  • The Monitor will check the room at the end of the reservation.
  • In the event of vandalism, a Monitor or Reservations Staff member will complete an Incident form including all necessary information on responsible patrons.
  • Your scheduled reservation will be held for 15 minutes and then released to another library patron.
  • No business meetings or tutoring allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any gum, food, carbonated, or colored drinks into the study rooms. Bottled water is all that will be allowed.

Reservations can be made at the Reservation Desk located on Level 1 of the Library.

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