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Abbott, Tony. THE FORBIDDEN STONE (2014)

Wade, Lily, Darrell, and Becca fly from Texas to Germany for the funeral of an old family friend. But instead of just paying their respects, they wind up on a dangerous, mind-blowing quest to unlock an ancient, guarded secret that could destroy the fate of the world. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION ABBOTT TON)
Anderson, John David. SIDEKICKED (2013)
Drew Bean might be a part of a secret organization for the training of superhero sidekicks, but that doesn't mean that life is all leaping tall buildings in single bounds. Drew is possessed of super senses: his hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell are the most powerful on the planet making him literally the most sensitive kid in school. Add in trying to keep his sidekick life a secret from everyone, including his parents, and the truth is clear: middle school is pretty much a drag regardless of whether you have superpowers. Grades 4-7 (J FICTION ANDERSON JOH)
Black, Holly. DOLL BONES (2013)
Zach, Alice, and Poppy, friends from a Pennsylvania middle school who have long enjoyed acting out imaginary adventures with dolls and action figures, embark on a real-life quest to Ohio to bury a doll made from the ashes of a dead girl. Grades 5 and up. (J FICTION BLACK HOL)
Bosch, Pseudonymous. YOU HAVE TO STOP THIS (2011)
When a mummy disappears from the local history museum while Cass and her friends Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji are there, they try to solve the case in order to clear their names and, they hope, discover the Secret they have been seeking. Grades 4-7 (J FICTION BOSCH PSE)
When seventh-grader Jacob Wonderbar is nominated for President of the Universe, he and his best friends Sarah Daisy and Dexter take off for outer space to campaign, and in the process suffer kidnappings, space monkeys, dirty politics, and threats to blow up the Earth. Grades 4-6 (J FICTION BRANSFORD NAT)
Flat Stanley travels to Washington D.C. to receive a special award from the President herself, but even after all his adventures, he is still not sure if he deserves to be called a hero. Grades 1-5 (J FICTION BROWN JEF)
Cameron, Anne. THE LIGHTING CATCHER (2013)
When eleven-year-old Angus McFangus learns that he is a storm prophet, someone who can predict and control catastrophic weather, he must stop the villainous Scabious Dankhart from unleashing an unending storm and achieving world domination. Grades 5-7 (J FICTION CAMERON ANN)
Columbus, Chris. HOUSE OF SECRETS (2013)
Cordelia, Brendan, and Eleanor Walker, aged fifteen to eight, must rely on a mysterious book to face the Wind Witch and her father, the Storm King, who have kidnapped Dr. and Mrs. Walker and brought them to a strange world of magic. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION COLUMBUS CHR)
Cooper, Susan. GHOST HAWK (2013)
At the end of a winter-long journey into manhood, Little Hawk returns to find his village decimated by a white man's plague and soon, despite a fresh start, Little Hawk dies violently but his spirit remains trapped, seeing how his world changes. Grades 5 and up (J FICTION COOPER SUS)

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Sarah Jane Dillard discovers and helps an injured 'sangman fairy in the Tanglewood Forest, putting herself, her six sisters, and friends Aunt Lillian and the Apple Tree Man in the middle of a fairy feud Grades 3-7 (J FICTION DE LINT CHA)
Edward Tulane, a cold-hearted and proud toy rabbit, loves only himself until he is separated from the little girl who adores him and travels across the country, acquiring new owners and listening to their hopes, dreams, and life story. Grades 3-6 (J FICTION DICAMILLO KAT)
Gaiman, Neil. FORTUNATELY, THE MILK (2013)
While picking up milk for his children's cereal, a father is abducted by aliens and finds himself on a wild adventure through time and space. Grades 3-6 (J FICTION GAIMAN NEI)
Gordon, Roderick. TERMINAL (2013)
Styx and their cohorts of deadly Armagi have swept across England, leaving death and devastation in their wake. Only a miracle can save the day and, in the inner world at the centre of the earth, Will and Elliott might just have stumbled upon one as they uncover ancient secrets that are fundamental to all human and Styx life. Grades 5 and up (J FICTION GORDON ROD)
Grant, Michael. THE TRAP (2012)
Mack MacAvoy, an average-seeming twelve-year-old boy who happens to have special powers, travels to China in an effort to assemble an elite team of his peers to help him thwart the evil Pale Queen. Grades K-4 J FICTION GRANT MIC)
On a cross-country vacation with their parents, twins Coke and Pepsi, soon to be thirteen, fend off strange assassins as they try to come to terms with their being part of a top-secret government organization known as The Genius Files. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION GUTMAN DAN)
Yearning for life in a cloistered scriptorium, thirteen-year-old Princess Matilda, whose lame foot brings fear of the evil eye, escapes her scheming cousin Ivo and joins her servant Judith and an old friend, Parz, in hunting dragons and writing about them. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION HASKELL MER)
Hunter, Erin. THE EMPTY CITY (2012)
In the aftermath of the Big Growl the destroyed his city, a Lone Dog named Lucky must find a way to work with other dogs in order to survive in this frightening new world. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION HUNTER ERI)
Jacobson, Jennifer. SMALL AS AN ELEPHANT (2011)
Abandoned by his mother in an Acadia National Park campground, Jack tries to make his way back to Boston before anyone figures out what is going on, with only a small toy elephant for company. Grades 5 and up (jFICTION JACOBSON JEN)
Jobling, Curtis. RISE OF THE WOLF (2011)
When a vicious beast invades his father's farm and sixteen-year-old Drew suddenly transforms into a werewolf, he runs away from his family, seeking refuge in the most out of the way parts of Lyssia, only to be captured by Lord Bergan's men and forced to battle numerous werecreatures while trying to prove that he is not the enemy. Grades 5 and up (J FICTION JOBLING CUR)

Kadohata, Cynthia. A MILLION SHADES OF GRAY (2010)

In 1975 after American troops pull out of Vietnam, a thirteen-year-old boy and his beloved elephant escape into the jungle when the Viet Cong attack his village. Grades 5 and up (J FICTIO KADOHATA CYN)
Kelley, Jane A. NATURE GIRL (2010)
Forced to spend the summer with her family in rural Vermont, eleven-year-old Megan, a rebellious, immature urbanite gains self-confidence and maturity as she and her dog survive being lost on the Appalachian Trail. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION KELLEY JAN)
King, Caro. SHADOW SPELL (2012)
In Mary's Cove, Tennessee, in 1869, twelve-year-old Gnat Stokes decides to prove she's not just a trouble maker by rescuing a boy who was spirited away seven years earlier by the evil Swamp Queen of Foggy Bottom. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION KING CAR)
Korman, Gordon. SHOWOFF (2012)
Accused of ruining a champion dog's career after an unfortunate incident at a mall show, Luthor is sent to the pound, prompting a skeptical Griffin to hatch a daring plan involving a sinister saboteur, a reclusive trainer, and large supply of red dye. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION KORMAN GOR)

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Matthews, Patrick. DRAGON RUN (2013)

It is testing day, and twelve-year-old Al has scored a zero but as he flees the cullers he begins to realize that being a zero actually means that he is a threat to the vicious dragons who rule his people. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION MATTHEWS PAT)
After running away from an orphanage, Pip arrives in the walled city of Hangman's Hollow, where children must hide to avoid imprisonment by citizens or danger from evil creatures in the surrounding forest, but new friend Toad asks his help in finding a lone girl. Grades 4-7 (J FICTION MOULD CHR)
Park, Linda Sue. A LONG WALK TO WATER (2010)
When the Sudanese civil war reaches his village in 1985, eleven-year-old Salva becomes separated from his family and must walk with other Dinka tribe members through southern Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya in search of safe haven. Based on the life of Salva Dut, who, after emigrating to America in 1996, began a project to dig water wells in Sudan. Grades 5 and up (J FICTION PARK LIN)
Patterson, James. TREASURE HUNTERS (2013)
Following clues left by their missing father, twelve-year-old twins Bickford and Rebecca Kidd sail from the Caribbean to New York City with their siblings to finish the dangerous quest of their world-famous treasure-hunting parents. Grades 3-6 (J FICTION PATTERSON JAM)
Paulsen, Gary. BRIAN’S WINTER (1996)
Instead of being rescued from a plane crash, as in the author's book Hatchet, this story portrays what would have happened to Brian had he been forced to survive a winter in the wilderness with only his survival pack and hatchet. Grades 6 and up (J FICTION PAULSEN GAR)
A twelve-year-old boy and his dog become trapped in New Orleans during the horrors of Hurricane Katrina. Grades 5 and up (J FICTION PHILBRICK W.R.)
Rodda, Emily. THE GOLDEN DOOR. (2012)
At night the skimmers fly over the Wall looking for human prey and the people of Weld huddle in their houses, but after his two brothers set out through the magic doors in an attempt to find the Enemy and don't come back, young Rye knows that he must follow and find them. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION RODDA EMI).
Twelve-year-old Rune Drexler is struggling in his classes at Master Dreadthorn's School for Wayward Villains and will be exiled unless he and his friends, Countess Jezebel Dracula and Big Bad Wolf Junior, can succeed at a nearly mpossible Plot. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION SANDERS STE).
Stone, Jeff. PHOENIX (2012)
When their home is robbed, thirteen-year-old Phoenix Collins, an up and coming amateur dirt-bike racer, discovers a shocking mystery about his grandfather, and Phoenix must travel to China and then to Texas to find some answers. Grades 4-7 (J FICTION STONE JEF)
While going through the possessions of a deceased guest who owed them money, the mistress of the inn and her son find a treasure map that leads to a pirate fortune as well as great danger. Grades 2-4 (J FICTION TAIT CHR)
Tanner, Lian. MUSEUM OF THIEVES (2010)
Goldie, an impulsive and bold twelve-year-old, escapes the oppressive city of Jewel, where children are required to wear guardchains for their protection, and finds refuge in the extraordinary Museum of Dunt, an ever-shifting world where she discovers a useful talent for thievery and mysterious secrets that threaten her city and everyone she loves. Grades 3-7 (J FICTION TANNER LIA)
An abridged version of the adventures of Tom and his friends growing up in a small Missouri town on the banks of the Mississippi River in the nineteenth century. Grades 2-4 (J FICTION TWAIN MAR)

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