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B O O K S  T O  R E A D  A T  B E D T I M E

Appelt, Kathi. BAYOU LULLABY. (1995) A colorful goodnight poem to a "bayou gal." Includes a glossary with Cajun pronunciation. Ages 5-8. (jPICTURE/APPELT/KAT)

Blos, Joan W. BEDTIME! (1998) After his grandmother has tucked his stuffed animals into bed one by one, a young boy is ready to go to sleep himself. Ages 5-9. (jPICTURE/BLOS/JOA)

Braybrooks, Ann. TWO BEST BUDDY TALES. (2000) Pooh and Piglet tell each other bedtime stories about being brave and helping a friend in need. Ages 5-7. (jPICTURE/BRAYBROOKS/ANN)

Braybrooks, Ann. TWO TIGGER TALES. (1999) Kanga tells two bedtime stories to Roo and his friends, and Tigger dreams he is the main character in each. Ages 1-5. (jPICTURE/BRAYBROOKS/ANN)

Brown, Margaret Wise. LITTLE DONKEY CLOSE YOUR EYES. (1995) As the day comes to a close, various animals and a small child wind down their activities and go to sleep. Ages 3-6. (jPICTURE/BROWN/MAR)

Brown, Marc Tolon. ARTHUR'S REALLY HELPFUL BEDTIME STORIES. (1998) Ten classic tales, including "The Emperor's New Clothes," and Puss in Boots," are retold with Arthur the aardvark and his friends as the characters in the stories. Ages 3-7. (jNON FICTION/PR/BRO)

Craig, Helen. THE RANDOM HOUSE BOOK OF NURSERY STORIES. (2000) A collection of ten well-known nursery tales, including "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," "The Three Billygoats Gruff," and "Little Red Riding Hood." Ages 5-8. (jNON FICTION/PR/CRA)

Dyer, Jane. THE RANDOM HOUSE BOOKS OF BEDTIME STORIES. (1994) A collection of original and traditional stories, including "The Selfish Giant," "The Golden Goose," and "The Tale of Peter Rabbit." Ages 3-8. (jNON FICTION/PR/RAN)

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Engel, Diana. CIRCLE SONG. (1999) A mother's encircling arms and the moon and stars send a baby off to sleep. Ages 1-5. (jPICTURE/ENGEL/DIA)

Fox, Mem. SLEEPY BEARS. (1999) When winter comes, six bears are rhymed to sleep by Mother Bear. Ages 3-6. (jPICTURE/FOX/MEM)

Gerber, Carole. FIREFLY NIGHT. (2000) A young Chippewa girl follows a firefly as it reveals the secrets of the night, the many creatures that share her forest home, on her way to sleep. Ages 5-6. (jPICTURE/GERBER/CAR)

Halpern, Shari. HUSH, LITTLE BABY. (1997) In an old lullaby a baby is promised an assortment of presents from its adoring parent. Ages 1-5. (jPICTURE/HUSH)

Hood, Susan. TIME FOR BED? (1999) A young girl tries various excuses to postpone bedtime, only to have difficulty getting up in the morning. Ages 5-7. (jEASY FICTION/HOOD/SUS)

Joyce, William. SLEEPY TIME OLIE. (2001) When Pappy bumps his head before bedtime, Olie cheers him up by inventing a super silly ray, and then they both become happy, sleepy robots. Ages 5-8. (jPICTURE/JOYCE/WIL)

MacDonald, Margaret Read. TUCK-ME-IN TALES : BEDTIME STORIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD. (1996) Presents five folktales for young children, including "Snow Bunting's Lullaby" from Siberia, "Chin Chin Kobokama" from Japan, "Kanji-jo, the Nestlings" from Liberia, "The Playground of the Sun and Moon" from Argentina, and "Counting Sheep" from the British Isles. Ages 5-7. (jNON FICTION/PR/MAC)

McBratney, Sam. THE CATERPILLOW FIGHT. (1996) A rowdy pillow fight among young caterpillars causes the Big Caterpillar to step in and take action. Ages 1-5. (jPICTURE/MCBRATNEY/SAM)

McDonald, Megan. BEDBUGS. (1999) As Susan takes her bath and then goes to bed, she is disturbed by a sequence of troublesome and scary creatures. Ages 5-6. (jPICTURE/MCDONALD/MEG)

McGee, Marni. SLEEPY ME. (2000) As everything in the house winds down, Daddy carries a sleepy child to bed. Ages K-3. (jPICTURE/MCGEE/MAR)

Meade, Holly. A PLACE TO SLEEP. (2001) Presents a variety of animals and the places where they might sleep, from a bear snoozing in the arms of a tree to a boy in bed. Ages 5-6. (jPICTURE/MEADE/HOL)

Murray, Marjorie Dennis. THE STARS ARE WAITING. (1998) Squirrels cease their chatter, sparrows end their flight, fires burn down low, and kittens curl up tight, as small ones crawl into bed when day fades to night. Ages 5-6. (jPICTURE/MURRAY/MAR)

Paul, Ann Whitford. EVERYTHING TO SPEND THE NIGHT: FROM A TO Z. (1999) While showing her grandfather all the things, from A to Z, that she has brought with her to spend the night, a little girl suddenly realizes that she forgot one important item. Ages 3-7. (jPICTURE/PAUL/ANN)

Piers, Helen. WHO'S IN MY BED? (1999) A donkey tries to find out why the various animals on the farm are not sleeping in their proper places--and discovers that it is his fault. Ages 1-5. (jPICTURE/PIERS/HEL)

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Raschka, Christopher. CAN'T SLEEP. (1995) A young dog with insomnia listens as his older brother, mother, and father prepare for bed. Ages 2-6. (jPICTURE/RASCHKA/CHR)

Ray, Karen. SLEEP SONG. (1995) Relates, in simple rhyming text, a child's bedtime activities, from singing a song and brushing teeth to playing a game and counting sheep. Ages 4-8. (jPICTURE/RAY/KAR)

Schafer, Lola M. OUT OF THE NIGHT. (1995) A child laughs at the increasing numbers of scary monsters that appear at bedtime, until a ghoul that seems scarier than all the rest arrives. Ages 3-6. (jPICTURE/SCHAFER/LOL)

Schnur, Steven. NIGHT LIGHTS. (2000) Each night before going to bed, Melinda counts the lights, from one seashell on the nursery wall to a million twinkling stars. Ages 1-5. (jPICTURE/SCHNUR/STE)

Spinelli, Eileen. KITTYCAT LULLABY. (2001) Having had a busy day, Kittycat settles down to purr a drowsy purr and go to sleep. Ages 5-6. (jPICTURE/SPINELLI/EIL)

Spinelli, Eileen. NIGHT SHIFT DADDY. (2000) A father shares dinner and bedtime rituals with his daughter before going out to work the night shift. Ages 5-7. (jPICTURE/SPINELLI/EIL)

Spinelli, Eileen. WHEN MAMA COMES HOME TONIGHT. (1998) When Mama arrives home, she and her child enjoy a series of activities together before bedtime. Ages 1-5. (jPICTURE/SPINELLI/EIL)

Stoddard, Sandol. TURTLE TIME. (1995) Climbing into bed, a young child is reminded of the habits of her pet turtle. Ages 5-6. (jPICTURE/STODDARD/SAN)

Walton, Rick. SO MANY BUNNIES: A BEDTIME ABC AND COUNTING BOOK. (1998) Old Mother Rabbit's twenty-six children, each named for a letter of the alphabet, are lovingly put to bed. Ages 3-8. (jPICTURE/WALTON/RIC)

Watt, Fiona. BABY'S BEDTIME.(1999) A baby prepares for bed with his nightly routine. Ages 1-5. (jPICTURE/WATT/FIO)

Yolen, Jane. HOW DO DINOSAURS SAY GOOD NIGHT?(2000) Mother and child ponder the different ways a dinosaur can say goodnight, from slamming his tail and pouting to giving a big hug and kiss. Ages 3-7. (jPICTURE/YOLEN/JAN)

Yolen, Jane. ONCE UPON A BEDTIME STORY: CLASSIC TALES. (1997) The three little pigs -- The tortoise and the hare -- The shoemaker and the elves -- Three billy goat's gruff -- Talk -- The snow child -- The princess and the pea -- The three bears -- The emperor's new clothes -- The lion and the mouse -- Stone soup -- Dick Whittington's cat -- The north wind's presents -- The monkey and the crocodile -- The little red hen -- Coyote and turtle. Ages 3-8. (jNON FICTION/PR/YOL/JAN)

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