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C A N  Y O U  D I G  A  D I N O S A U R?  R E C O M M E N D E D  I T E M S  A B O U T  D I N O S A U R S


Arnold, Caroline. DINOSAURS ALL AROUND. (1993) On a visit to the workshop of Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas where a life-size dinosaur is being constructed, the reader learns about dinosaurs and how conclusions are made from fossil remains. (jNON FICTION/QF/ARN)

Ashby, Ruth. T-REX BACK TO THE CRETACEOUS. (2000) Enhanced with bold, photo-realistic pictures from the IMAX film, this book brings to life what the world must have been like when dinosaurs ruled the planet. (jNON FICTION/QF/ASH)

Bausum, Ann. DRAGON BONES AND DINOSAUR EGGS (2000) A biography of the great explorer-adventurer who discovered huge finds of dinosaur bones in Mongolia. (jNON FICTION/CV/AND)

Bradley, Timothy. THE CARE AND FEEDING OF DINOSAURS. (2000) Speculates about what it would be like to have a dinosaur as a pet and provides information about specific species and the time periods in which they lived. (jNON FICTION/QF/BRA)

Clark, Neil. A LOOK INSIDE DINOSAURS. (1995) A Reader's Digest Children's Book with cross sections of dinosaurs. (jNON FICTION/QF/CLA)

Dixon, Dougal. DINOSAURS: ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. (1993) This Dinosaur series was created for Highlights for Children, Inc. by Bender Richardson White. (jNON FICTION/QF/DIX)

Dixon, Dougal. AMAZING DINOSAURS: THE FIERCEST, THE TALLEST, THE TOUGHEST, THE SMALLEST. (2000) Full color illustrations and diagrams complement the basic facts of a variety of dinosaurs including pronunciations. (jNON FICTION/QF/DIX)

Haines, Tim. WALKING WITH DINOSAURS. (2000) Descibes the earth's environment when dinosaurs flourished and how changes in climate, landmasses, and vegetation led to the extinction of these massive reptiles. (jNON FICTION/QF/HAI)

Holmes, Thom. MEAT-EATING DINOSAURS: THE THEROPODS. (2001) A chapter book that includes a definition of dinosaurs, anatomy, physiology and a chart on the theories of extinction. (jNON FICTION/QF/HOL)

Horner, John and Lessem, Don. DIGGING UP TYRANNOSAURUS REX (1992) Describes the discovery and excavation of the world's only complete Tyrannosaurus fossil in Montana, and what was learned from it. (jNON FICTION/QF/HOR)

Kelsey, Elin. FINDING OUT ABOUT DINOSAURS (2000) In this picture book format, paleontologists work with scientists in other fields to uncover evidence from fossil discoveries. New discoveries look at old discoveries in a new way. (jNON FICTION/QF/KEL)

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Kricher, John C. Peterson. FIRST GUIDES TO DINOSAURS.(1990) A small book format reference source. Introduces the names and chracteristics of dinosaurs along with recent discoveries that shed new light on the way dinosaurs may have lived. (jNON FICTION/QF/KRI)

Lambert, David. DK GUIDE TO DINOSAURS (2000) Depicts how dinosaurs lived and died, covering topics as habitats, size, hunting techniques, self-defense, courtship, and family life. (jReference/QF/Lam) & (jNon Fiction /QF/LAM)

Lambert, David. ULTIMATE DINOSAUR BOOK (1993) An illustrated guide to the Mesozoic Era. (jNON FICTION/QF/LAM)

Relf, Pat. A DINOSAUR NAMED SUE: THE STORY OF THE COLOSSAL FOSSIL. (2000) Experts of the SUE Science Team of The Field produced this encompassing book on the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton found in South Dakota. (jNON FICTION/QF/REL).

Riehecky, Janet. TYRANNOSAURUS THE TYRANT LIZARD. (1998) It describes a day in the life of a Tyrannosaurus Rexr,,,its behavior, environment and physical characteristics. (jNON FICTION/QF/RIE)

Robinson, Fay. A DINOSAUR NAMED SUE. (1999) A Scholastic Hello Reader! Science Level 4 book about the Dinosaur named Sue (the find of the century). (jNON FICTION/QF/ROB)

Sloan, Christopher. FEATHERED DINOSAURS. (2000) A National Geographic Society offering of outstanding illustrations, diagrams, and photographs. The research by the author and staff is complete and thorough.(jNON FICTION/QF/SLO)

Walker, Niki. WHAT IS A DINOSAUR? (1999) This book identifies what is and is not a dinosaur. It discusses the physiology and behavior of various types and introduces theories about extinction. (jNON FICTION/QF/WAL)


Benton, Michael. ARMORED GIANTS; DUCKBILLS AND BONEHEADS; GIANT PLANT EATERS. (2001) "Fun" facts, quizzes, and zoom-in boxes in these colorfully illustrated Copper Beech Publications. (jEASY NON FICTION/QF/BEN)

Gibbons, Gail. DINOSAURS. (1987) IIntroduces in simple text and pictures the habits of a variety of dinosaurs. (jEASY NON FICTION/QF/GIB)

Greenfield, Eloise. I CAN DRAW A WEEPOSAUR AND OTHER DINOSAURS: POEMS. (2001) A young girl depicts in poems and drawings the imaginary dinosaurs that she dreams up. (jEASY NON FICTION/PP/GRE)

Landau, Elaine. TYRANNOSAURUS REX. (1999) It describes the characteristics, habits and theories about why this flesh-eating massive beast became extinct. (jEASY NON FICTION/QF/LAN)

Osborne, Wil. DINOSAURS. (2000) A Magic Treehouse Research Guide #1 book, a nonfiction companion to Dinosaurs Before Dark. Jack and Annie explain about all kinds of dinosaurs in this stepping stone chapter book. (jEASY NON FICTION/QF/OSB).

Zoehfeld, Kathleen. DINOSAUR BABIES. (1999) Fossil clues about how the maiasaurs might have been bird-like parents. How to make a "fossil" egg concludes this brightly illustrated book. (jEASY NON FICTION/QF/ZOE)

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Daniels, Teri. G-REX. (2000) Six-year old Gregory deals with an annoying older brother, Mark, by turning into a fierce G-Rex and threatening to eat him. (jPICTURE/DANIELS/TER)

Edwards, Pamela. Duncan. DINORELLA. (1997) This is a cute, funny take off on Cinderella with a dinosaur flair. (jPICTURE/EDWARDS/PAM)

Grambling, Lois. CAN I HAVE A TYRANNOSAURUS REX, DAD? CAN I? PLEASE!? (2000) Is a pet T-Rex too much to ask for? (jPICTURE/GRAMBLING/LOI)

Most, Bernard. ABC T-REX. (2000) A young T-Rex loves his ABCs so much that he wants to eat them up, and when he takes a few bites he finds that each letter has something unique about it: C is chewy, D is delicious, K tastes great with ketchup, etc. (jPICTURE/MOST/BER)

Most, Bernard. HOW BIG WERE THE DINOSAURS? (1994) Familiar items are compared to the different dinosaurs to show the enormity of the dinosaurs sizes. Comparisons were done to a supermarket, zoo animals, and school bus to differentiate the sizes. (jPICTURE/MOST/BER)

Schwartz, Howard. HOW I CAPTURED A DINOSAUR. (1989) A very cute story about Liz, who captures a live Albertosaurus, and brings it home. (jPICTURE/SCHWARTZ/HOW)

Sis, Peter. DINOSAUR! (2000) A wordless picture book. A young boy is joined by all kinds of dinosaurs while taking a bath. (jPICTURE/SIS/PET)

Yolen, Jane. HOW DO DINOSAURS SAY GOOD NIGHT? (2000) Mother and child ponder the different ways a dinosaur can say goodnight, from slamming his tail and pouting to giving a big hug and kiss. (jPICTURE/YOLEN/JAN)

Wahl, Jan. THE FIELD MOUSE AND THE DINOSAUR NAMED SUE. (2000). This is a fictional account of Sue as seen through the eyes of a field mouse. (jPICTURE/WAHL/JAN)

Wise, William. DINOSAURS FOREVER. (2000) A collection of humorous poems about dinosaurs. (jPICTURE/WISE/WIL)

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Hennessy, B. G. MEET DINAH DINOSAUR. (2000) The story presents the adventures of a playful dinosaur. (jEASY FICTION/HENNESSY/B)

Hoban, Lillian. JOE AND BETSY THE DINOSAUR. (1995) Although Joe's pet dinosaur is too big for some activities, a formidable task allows her to demonstrate that sometimes bigger is better. Grades 1-2. (jEASY FICTION/HOBAN/LIL)

Hoff, Syd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANNY AND THE DINOSAUR. (1995) Six-year-old Danny invites his dinosaur friend to come to his birthday party. Grades 1-2. (jEASY FICTION/HOFF/SYD)

Hooks, William. MR. DINOSAUR. (1994) When Eli's fascination with dinosaurs begins to cause him trouble, his older brother finds a clever way to help. Grades 1-2. (jEASY FICTION/HOOKS/WIL)

Moncure, Jane. WORD BIRD'S DINOSAUR DAYS. (1991) Word Bird becomes acquainted with dinosaurs on a class trip to the museum. Grades 1-2. (jEASY FICTION/MONCURE/JAN)

Thomson, Ruth.DINOSAUR'S DAY. (2000) A gentle Triceratops forgets to stay with the herd and has to use his sharp horns to fight a Tyrannosaurus. A beginning to read, level 1 Book. (jEASY FICTION/THOMSON/RUT)

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Calhoun, B. B. ON THE TRACK. (1994) Fenton Rumplemayer moves from New York City to Montana with his father, a paleontologist, and is able to help him identify a puzzling dinosaur track. Grades 4-6. (jMYSTERY/CALHOUN/B)

Gurney, James. DINOTOPIA: THE WORLD BENEATH. (1995) After being shipwrecked on the lost island of Dinotopia, Will Denison explores the skies over the island while his father explores forgotten caverns of the legendary World Beneath. (jFICTION/GURNEY/JAM)

Lowry, Lois. ONE HUNDREDTH THING ABOUT CAROLINE. (1983) When her mother becomes interested in a man who looks like the evil tyrannosaurus rex the desperate heroine takes action-with disastrously funny results. Grades 3-6. (jFICTION/LOWRY/LOI)

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DINOSAUR RAP. Ultra cool raps, attention-grabbing sound effects, vibrant illustrations are great for home school or travel. Contains a booklet, CD, and Cassette. (SOUND RECORDING).

EYEWITNESS DINOSAUR. A virtual museum where live action photography creates the sensation of being inside the picture. (VIDEO DOCUMENT DINOSAUR).

HOW TO BUILD A DINOSAUR. Shows exactly how dinosaur skeletons are reconstructed, using a blend of computer animation and music video with famous paleontologist Rolf "Wisconsin" Johnson show how it is done. (VIDEO INSTRUCT HOW).

WEE SING DINOSAURS. 49 original, fact-filled dinosaur songs and poems. Approximately one hour CD with a 64-page illustrated book with lyrics. (SOUND RECORDING).

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