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J A P A N E S E - A M E R I C A N   F I C T I O N

Banim, Lisa. American Dreams 1993 Developments in World War II force Amy Mochida and her family to move from Hollywood to an internment camp with other Japanese Americans, changing Amy's friendship with eleven-year-old Jeannie. J FICTION BANIM LIS

Buck, Pearl S. The Big Wave 1948 His family and village swept away by a tidal wave, Jiya learns to live with the ever-present dangers from the sea and volcano.  J FICTION BUCK PEA

Coerr, Eleanor. Mieko and the Fifth Treasure 1993 Staying with her grandparents after the atomic bomb has been dropped on Nagasaki, ten-year-old Mieko feels that the happiness in her heart has departed forever and she will no longer be able to produce a beautiful drawing for the contest at school. J FICTION COERR ELE

Denenberg, Barry. The Journal of Ben Uchida, Citizen #13559 Twelve-year-old Ben Uchida keeps a journal of his experiences as a prisoner in a Japanese internment camp in Mirror Lake, California, during World War II.  J FICTION DEAR AME

Easton, Kelly. Hiroshima Dreams 2007 Lin O'Neil, a talented but shy girl growing up in Providence, Rhode Island, develops a close relationship with her Japanese grandmother, who shares Lin's gift of precognition. J FICTION EASTON KEL

Haugaard, Erik Christian. The Revenge of the Forty-seven Samurai 1995 A fourteen-year-old serving boy finds himself surrounded by suspicion and betrayal as his master gathers a group of samurai to avenge Lord Asano's death. J FICTION HAUGAA ERI

Hirahara, Naomi 1001 Cranes 2008 With her parents on the verge of separating, a devastated twelve-year-old Japanese American girl spends the summer in Los Angeles with her grandparents, where she folds paper cranes into wedding displays, becomes involved with a young skateboarder, and learns how complicated relationships can be. J FICTION HIRAHARA NAO

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Hoobler, Dorothy. The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn 1999 While attempting to solve the mystery of a stolen jewel, Seikei, a merchant's son who longs to be a samurai, joins a group of kabuki actors in eighteenth-century Japan.  J FICTION HOOBLER DOR

Hoobler, Dorothy. A Samurai Never Fears Death 2007 Returning home to investigate the possible connection of his family's tea shop with smugglers, Seikei, now a samauri in eighteenth-century Japan, becomes involved in murder at a local puppet theater and saving the life of his sister's accused boyfriend. J FICTION HOOBLER DOR

Kadohata, Cynthia. Weedflower 2006 After twelve-year-old Sumiko and her Japanese-American family are relocated from their flower farm in southern California to an internment camp on a Mojave Indian reservation in Arizona, she helps her family and neighbors, becomes friends with a local Indian boy, and tries to hold on to her dream of owning a flower shop.  J FICTION KADOHATA CYN

Lasky, Kathryn. Kazunomiya : Prisoner of Heaven 2004 Princess Kazunomiya, half-sister of the Emperor of Japan, relates in her diary and in poems the confusing events occurring in the Imperial Palace in 1858, including political and romantic intrigue. J FICTION DEAR ROY

Mazer, Harry. A Boy No More 2004 After his father is killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, Adam, his mother, and sister are evacuated from Hawaii to California, where he must deal with his feelings about the war, Japanese internment camps and his own identity. J FICTION MAZER HAR

Paterson, Katherine. The Master Puppeteer 1989 A thirteen-year-old boy describes the poverty and discontent of eighteenth century Osaka and the world of puppeteers in which he lives. J FICTION PATERSON KAT

Paterson, Katherine. Of Nightingales that Weep 1974 The vain young daughter of a samurai finds her comfortable life ripped apart when opposing warrior clans begin a struggle for imperial control of Japan. J FICTION PATERSON KAT

Patneaude, David. Thin Wood Walls 2004 When the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Joe Hamada and his family face prejudice, eventually being torn away from their home and sent to a relocation camp in California, even as his older brother joins the Army to fight in the war. J FICTION PATNEAUDE DAV

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Place, François. The Old Man Mad About Drawing: A Tale of Hokusai 2004 Tojiro, a young seller of rice cakes in the Japanese capital of Edo, later known as Tokyo, is amazed to discover that the grumpy and shabby old man who buys his cakes is a famous artist renowned for his sketches, prints, and paintings of flowers, animals, and landscapes. J FICTION PLACE FRA

Savin, Marcia. The Moon Bridge 1992 The friendship between San Francisco girls Mitzi Fujimoto and Ruthie Fox is changed when World War II begins and Mitzi and her family are forced to go into an internment camp. J FICTION SAVIN MAR

Say, Allen. The Ink-keeper's Apprentice 1994 A fourteen-year-old boy lives on his own in Tokyo and becomes apprenticed to a famous Japanese cartoonist. J FICTION SAY ALL

Uchida, Yoshiko. Journey to Topaz: A Story of the Japanese-American Evacuation  1971 After the Pearl Harbor attack an eleven-year-old Japanese-American girl and her family are forced to go to an aliens camp in Utah. J FICTION UCHIDA YOS

Uchida, Yoshiko. Hisako's Mysteries 1969 A gift of money from an unknown donor on her birthday and a mysterious letter found in a closet set a thirteen-year-old Japanese girl wondering about the whereabouts of her father who supposedly died when she was two. J FICTION UCHIDA YOS

Uchida, Yoshiko. A Jar of Dreams 981 A young girl grows up in a closely-knit Japanese American family in California during the 1930's, a time of great prejudice. J FICTION UCHIDA YOS

Watkins, Yoko Kawashima. So Far from the Bamboo Grove 1994 A fictionalized autobiography in which eleven-year-old Yoko escapes from Korea to Japan with her mother and sister at the end of World War II. J FICTION WATKINS YOK

Whitesel, Cheryl Aylward. Blue Fingers: A Ninja's Tale 2004 Having failed apprenticeship as a dye maker, Koji is captured and forced to train as a ninja, where he remains disloyal until he discovers samurai have burned his former village. J FICTION WHITESEL CHE

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