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S P A C E   E X P L O R A T I O N


Angliss, Sarah. Cosmic Journeys (1998) Looks at the future of space travel including teleporting, and time travel. (jNon Fiction/TN/Ang)

Branley, Franklyn Mansfield. The International Space Station. (2000) Explains the construction and purpose of the International Space Station and the life of the astronauts on board. (jNon Fiction/TN/BRA)

Bredeson, Carmen. NASA Planetary Spacecraft. (2000) Discusses the roles of several NASA spacecrafts that carried out probes during explorations of the planets. (jNon Fiction/TN/BRE)

Cole, Michael, D. Hubble Space Telescope (1999) Explains the telescope's role in answering questions about the universe. (jNon Fiction/QB/COL)

Couper, Heather. DK Space Encyclopedia. (1999) Topics include: "Observing the Universe," "Exploring Space," "Planets and Moons," "Stars and Beyond." (jNon Fiction/QB/COU)

Engelbert, Phillis. Astronomy and Space (1996) This three volumes encyclopedia include people, events, and ideas involved with the study of astronomy and the science of space. (jNon Fiction/QB/Eng vol.1-3)

Goldsmith, Mike, Dr. Space Travel. (2001) Includes chapters on: Escape from Earth, First Steps to Space, Space People, From the Earth to the Moon, Space Missions, Exploring the Planets, Future Voyages, Spaceships of Tomorrow, and Starships. (jNon Fiction/TN/GOL)

Johnstone, Michael. History News: in space. (1999) Looks at events from the ideas of Copernicus and other early scientists to the advances that enabled man to venture to the moon and beyond. (jNon Fiction/TN/JOH)

Miller, Ron. The History of Rockets. (1999) Surveys rockets from their beginnings in ancient Greece and China to modern efforts in order to explore outer space. (jNon Fiction/TN/MIL)

Simon, Seymour. Destination Mars. (2000) An examination of the "red planet", complete with a review of recent missions, an examination of modern findings, and several full-color NASA photos. (jNon Fiction/QB 2/SIM)

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Alexander, Martha G. You're a Genius, Blackboard Bear. (1995) Anthony wishes he could go to the moon, if only he knew how to get there! Fortunately, his helpful friend Blackboard Bear has everything the two need to build their own spaceship. (jPicture Ale)

Asch, Frank. Mooncake. (1983) Bear builds a rocket to take him to the moon so he can taste it. (jPicture Asc)

Bradman, Tony. It Came From Outer Space. (1992) A visitor from outer space visits an elementary school class and brings an important message about physical beauty. (jPicture Bra)

DiTerlizzi, Tony. Jimmy Zangwow's out-of-this-world, moon pie adventure. (2000) When Jimmy's mother won't let him have any moon pies for a snack, he takes a trip to the moon to get some. (jPicture Dit)

Joyce, William. Rolie Polie Olie. (1999) Rolie Polie Olie, a round robot living on a planet where everything is round, enjoys a busy day with his family and then is too wired to go to bed at night. (jPicture Joy)

Loomis, Christine. Astro Bunnies. (2001) Astro Bunnies take rockets into space, explore, and return home. (jPicture Loo)

Marshall, James. Space Case. (1980) When the thing from outer space visits earth, it is taken first for a trick-or-treater and then for a robot. (jPicture Mar)

Yaccarino, Dan. Zoom! Zoom! I'm Off to the Moon. (1997) A boy gets in a spaceship and takes a dangerous but exciting trip to the moon. (jPicture Yac)

Ziefert, Harriet. Moon Ride. (2000) Presents a guide to proper behavior for the child fortunate enough to catch a ride through the night with the moon. (jPicture Zie)

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Greydanus, Rose. Trouble in Space. (1981) Teddy is glad to take a trip into space until he runs into trouble. (jEasy Fiction Greydanus)

Hillert, Margaret. Up, Up and Away. (1982) Two children travel to the moon in a spaceship, do some exploring, and come back home again. (jEasy Fiction Hillert)


Asimov, Isaac. Young Star Travelers. (1986) A collection of fiction stories about children who have traveled in space. (jScience Fiction Young)

Cameron, Eleanor. Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet. (1956) A mystery man inspires two boys to build a space ship which takes them to the planet of Basidium to help the Mushroom people. (jScience Fiction Cameron)

Engdahl, Sylvia Louise. Enchantress from the Stars. (2001) When young Elana unexpectedly joins the team leaving the spaceship to study the planet Andrecia, she becomes an integral part of an adventure involving three very different civilizations, each one centered on the third planet from the star in its own solar system. (jScience Fiction Engdahl)

French, Vivian. Space Dog to the Rescue. (1999) Space Dog journeys to the Beeper planet to find out why their moon is dripping. (jFiction French)

Greer, Gery. Let Me Off This Spaceship! (1991) When Tod and Billy are kidnapped by creatures from outer space, they try to make as much trouble as they can on board ship so that the spaceship captain will take them back to Earth. (jScience Fiction Greer)

Kahn, Sharon. Kacy and the Space Shuttle Secret. (1995) Eleven-year-old Kacy Holiday's idea about sending a houseplant on a shuttle mission into outer space has astronomical consequences. (jFiction Kahn)

Kline, Suzy. Horrible Harry Goes to the Moon. (2000) Inspired by his third-grade class's study of the moon, Harry announces that he is going there. (jFiction Kline)

Osborne, Mary Pope. Midnight on the Moon. (1996) The magic treehouse takes Jack and Annie to a moon base where they continue to search for the fourth thing they need to free their friend Morgan from the magician's spell. (jFiction Osborne)

Pinkwater, Daniel Manus. Borgel. (1990) Melvin recounts his adventures in time and space with his Uncle Borgel. (jFiction Pinkwater)

Sadler, Marilyn. Zenon, Bobo Crazy. (2001) Zenonis mortified when her father buys her an embarrassing Bobo robotic dog instead of the cool Tobo Dog, but Bobo comes in handy when the Tobo Dogs go crazy and turn on their owners. (jFiction Sadler)

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