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About Marine Mammals
This short introduction discusses different mammals that live near or in the sea. This Web site is an excellent resource for students Kindergarten through grade 8.

Aquarium of the Pacific
Located in nearby Long Beach, California's newest aquarium highlights aquatic life in the Tropical Pacific, Northern Pacific and the Southern California and Baja waters. It includes a short history of aquariums, information on exhibits and floor plans, and a look behind the scenes.

Basic Coral Biology
This site was developed and supported by the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund. The site focuses on Bermuda's coral reefs, while bringing about an awareness of coral reef issues worldwide. The informative web-based curriculum contains useful resources on coral reefs for teachers and students.

Corals and Coral Reefs
This site is written by the Sea World education department to help students of all ages. It contains educational information about corals and coral reefs, from its scientific classification to conservation. This is a helpful educational resource for anyone wanting to learn more about coral reefs.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Photo Collection
This collection of more than 16,000 photographs is grouped in more than a dozen categories. Each category includes subcategories and thumbnail images, with subjects that cover tornadoes, seafloor invertebrates, marine mammals, coral, coastlines, sunrises, sunsets, moonbeams, fishing, and weather balloons.

A Safe Internet Gateway For Kids devoted to the study of the Earth's water bodies and all of their phenomena.

Planet Ocean
Everything about the ocean, from Discovery School.

Sea and Sky
This site has useful information for students to peruse about the oceans of the world. Explore the splendors of the sea and the wonders of the universe through sights, sounds, information, and interactive games.

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