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Amazon Interactive
An interactive site for younger students to explore the physical and human geography, environmental, economic, and social issues of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest as well as the indigenous people, the Quichua. An ecotourism simulation game will aid students in learning about ecotourism in this Amazon region. Also included is the research report, Indigenous Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: The Case of Río Blanco, Ecuador on which the activities of the simulation game are based.

Kid Explorers - Sounds of the Rainforest
Listen to native jungle music and rainforest sounds such as rainstorms, birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects.

Live from the Rainforest
Follow in Darwin's footsteps, courtesy of Passport to Knowledge, to the heart of our planet's largest rainforest, guided by some of the world's leading biologists. Explore the rainforest via a project that uses video, real-time interactions, the Internet and hands-on science activities-Live From The Rainforest

Manu - Peru's Hidden Rainforest
Gives extensive information about the animals featured in the television program. Also discusses the indigenous tribes that live in that region and had no prior contact to the Western world.

Rain Tree
Raintree's extensive website on the rainforest features a comprehensive in-depth database of over 100 important rainforest medicinal plants and educates consumers about the rainforest destruction and possible solutions to preserve the rainforest.

Rainforest Conservation Fund
An all volunteer, nonprofit organization, that is dedicated to preserving the world's tropical forests. Their main project is the Reserva Comunal Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo (RCTT) in the Peruvian Amazon.

Tropical Rainforest Coalition
An all volunteer, nonprofit organization that has made a significant impact on the preservation of rainforests and its indigenous people.

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