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Astronomy and Space for Kids
Children have access to the solar system, space exploration, a dictionary about space, fun with astronomy, and more.

James Webb Telescope
Relevant information about the new space telescope, named after James `E. Webb, NASA's second administrator, is given. The new telescope has more than twice the eight-foot mirror of the Hubble Space Telescope. This will enable it to probe deeper into the universe and to gather information about how stars and galaxies formed a few hundred million years after the Big Bang.

Mars Pathfinder Mission
Produced by Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, this site provides information and news on Pathfinder, Mars, and other related topics of interest.

NASA Apollo 11 30th Anniversary
NASA's history of Apollo 11 also includes astronaut comments, biographies of Apollo 11 astronauts, images, and much more.

NASA Astronaut Biographies
Biographies and photographs of more than 150 astronauts in the United States Program are presented as well as links to data on some of the Russian cosmonauts.

Written for children in grades K-8, this site contains scientific and technological information on space, living in space, astronomy, and much more. A teacher's corner is included. The authors are from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and the Liftoff to Space Exploration Team.

Space Place
A site created especially for young children, Space Place includes: Make Spacey Things, Do Spacey Things, Space Science in Action, Dr. Marc's Amazing Facts, and Friends Share.

Starchild: The Hubble Space Telescope
Directed for young astronomers, this site offers a search, The Question of the Month, (example, what is gravity?), and much more information about the solar system and the universe.

THEMIS: Latest Images MarsOdyssey
NASA has posted new pictures of the surface of Mars on the internet. The photographs are taken by a visible-light camera called THEMIS (Thermal Emission Imaging System) aboard the Mars Odyssey spacecraft. Updated photos are posted Monday -Friday at 7 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. There is a calendar that will let you choose another date to view plus you can view by location on Mars.

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