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From its inception, the Cerritos Library Parent Collection has been a unique source of materials for parents, and those interested in the subject of parenting. Beginning in the mid-1970's, a cozy area in the Children's Room was set aside to provide easy access to a wide variety of books and pamphlets that focused on the entire subject of parenting. The primary goal was to develop a collection devoted to enhancing parenting skills and broadening the knowledge base of this very important subject.

Today, in the new Cerritos Library, the Parent Collection has been greatly expanded. The Parenting Learning Center features fourteen topics, ranging from child development resources to an interesting selection of parenting-related Internet Web sites. This Learning Center is an interactive introduction to the entire Parent Collection.

Parent education helps to build the foundation for a better community. The Cerritos Library Parent Collection encourages active participation and involvement in the lives of children from birth through the teen years.

The Cerritos Library has extensive programs available for children, see our calendar to find out when and where each program will be. Plan your birthday parties here in the Cerritos Children's Library. Please call (562) 916-1388 for more information.

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